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Hairline Illusions™ manufactures, distributes and markets one-of-a-kind realistic hair-scalp, facial and limb prosthetics to patients affected by disease or trauma conditions. The prosthetics is designed for people who are seeking a high level of realism. Measurements are taken and molds are created to mimic the original as close as possible. Skin color – pigmentation and nails are also matched creating a realistic prosthesis. 

Hairline Illusions™ combines the most innovative technology with exclusive craftsmanship in order to offer clients the most natural and comfortable human hair wigs.  They are simply the best and a treasure to have. 


Since developing the world’s first lace frontal, co-owner Egypt Lawson career has rapidly grown. she become a major respected wig builder and special effects experts in America and have been featured in top magazines including VOGUE.


Besides the widely respected excellent customer service and the unparalleled quality of products Hairline Illusions provide, their wigs are hand crafted by experienced wig builders using innovative base materials exclusively made at Hairline Illusions™. Traditional lace front wigs take anywhere from 50 to 70 hours to make and are not made for long-term use.  

They are made for theatrical stage and video performances – not for sleeping and weekly wear.  Hairline Illusions™ wigs production time is from 120 hours allowing the special invisible method and durable materials to extend the wig’s life and wearability. 


With buzz marketing HAIRLINEILLUSIONS.COM has become one of the most respected luxury wig builders, distributors and wig making workshops online and has been titled the Roll Royce of wigs by celebrity stylist and has captured the hearts of consumers, helping customers with hair loss regain their dignity by offering realistic looking hair alternatives.   The hair alternatives are a necessity to some and a luxury to others.        


Hairline Illusions™, LLC is not just the latest American beauty buzzword but a dramatic alternative to old fashioned, mass-produced lace wigs, hair weaves and extensions. Quality is hairline Illusions's forte and they have adopt several stringent quality control measures to ensure that quality is nurtured at all levels of the manufacturing process. Our team of quality inspectors monitors each and every level of the manufacturing stage from the procurement of hair to the delivery of finished products. Our uncompromising endeavor towards premium quality wigs and customer satisfaction has helped us to become unmatched manufacturers and distributors of the most natural looking wigs in the world. 


Hairline Illusions philosophies, which exemplifies honest service; offering the finest wigs using the best technology is a necessity for solving customers’ issues. This extensive and highly efficient production process is rare in the United States and primarily done overseas. Even as others succumbed to economic pressures and moved or outsourced their manufacturing overseas, Hairline Illusions production remains in America. 


We also focus on medical wigs, Cranial Prosthesis for those suffering from Alopecia and undergoing Chemotherapy and other hair-loss related ailments.  We provide education to our customers to make informed decisions on wig purchases.  We also cater to the media industry supplying wigs for movie sets and television as well as the general public.  Our School division offers the broadest range of short courses in wig making. We offer courses designed for beginners and industry professionals which will afford them the opportunity to learn the complete range of wig making skills, from preparing  a client's head to knotting complex partings. 

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